My Handle

This blog will focus on the purpose and value of usability studies that elucidate how to make web sites more user-friendly.

Ugh, you say. Heavy. Dense. Hard to fathom.

That’s what I thought when I took a course in user-centered design last summer. Yet, afterward, I learned the process is anything but.

Therefore, the obfuscating lingo that threatens to dominate this blog called for a catchy handle.

Had I had the patience to mess around with case, I would have written UseRLoseIt, since that is the message I want to convey about websites. They are a dime a dozen, they are as ubiquitous as raindrops in April, they are overwhelming us in this echo-chamber we call the Internet, and if they are not used, they lose their value, and voice, and presence, rapidly.

Web design and content that is inviting calls out to the user, demands attention. How to craft it, though, is a much bigger question.

The handle also works another way: “User: Lose It!” A kind of nonsensical command. Unless you imagine a giddy user lost in play on a website somewhere on the World Wide Web, entranced, “losing” all consciousness to the all-encompassing world within a world: the dynamic sites that are our favs.

I wish that experience on everyone. Given the right site, the right design, the riveting content.

Welcome to this blog. Use or lose it.

2 thoughts on “My Handle

  1. OK. You already know that I am not comfortable with critique. But I am going to be honest here. I get from this “handle” that you will be doing something with websites, but what it is…really not sure. I think you are saying that you will be looking at websites and how to make them better? But from what is written here, I am not sure how you intend to get that across. I like the name; Userloseit, but maybe I am just very naive, I’m just not getting the gist.

    1. Maybe I am too close to the subject: I am not explaining it fully, just hinting at it. I think your comment is on the mark. You want to know more. (Don’t think of it as “critique” if that seems harsh.) When you get a chance can you read my latest post on changing my identity from userloseit to songwriter? Maybe you are picking up on the fact I am not entirely comfortable or motivated to blog about the topic of usability for web sites.

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