Blogging true: Arguing for a new voice

Prof. Bob Kalm says: Truth is edited.

I say: Truth is distilled.

It precipitates like concentrated drops of moisture falling from the wet mist of a foggy mind. It condenses into droplets of informed opinion, shaped by the atmospheric pressures of conscious thought. Water into wine. A miracle. A transformation. And if you distill your truth down to its essence, blog your way into a jug of vino that makes you drunk with insight, haven’t you written yourself with every edit into a rhapsody of enlightenment, words that tell the truth, truth that is edited and distilled into a voice that is yours alone?  

Prof. Bob Kalm says: Creating a public face is honest.

I say: Truth that is edited and distilled is altered, assembled and refined for public consumption. But the act of creation of that public face is not inherently honest. The creation that results is not inevitably honest. No. What is honest is the cutting and pasting of words over and over until they’re right, until they ring true. Blogging publicly forces that confrontation with a truth that would evaporate, but for the wrestling with words, words that can distill wishy washy ruminations into a single pure idea. 

Prof. Bob Kalm wants us to find our voice.

I am choosing the voice of a songwriter instead of a student analyst probing web site usability.


I posted about usability using the language of song, the “hook.” I thought I was casting about for parallel constructions and ideas. But if I am to blog about what I know, and what I hope to discover I know, I want to edit and distill that truth publicly, as a songwriter who can write lines like “She sings you songs just like a lark/Until there’s no way you can work/Or park your love in neutral.” As a songwriter who never thought she could sing. As a songwriter who played guitar with her back to her parents because she was too nervous and shy. As a songwriter, because that is what I am, in spite of myself.

Please share with me your arguments, your pure ideas, your assessment of this rant.

6 thoughts on “Blogging true: Arguing for a new voice

  1. rdkalm

    By the time we got to the jug of vino, I forgot what we were talking about. You have a real talent for singing in the rain. Don’t drown in it.

    I think your excitement for this new direction says everything. And any writing will improve your writing in general, whether you move onto Usability or Water Quality.

  2. I tried to create a public personality on my radio show and it feels contrived. It slows down the show, and the listeners can feel it.

    I think people create a public persona because they are afraid of rejection. It’s easier to accept criticism of facade than it is to hear YOU need work.

    Go with what you know. Write about music. This post felt like music to my ears easier to read and it had amazing flow. The post defining “use” felt like you were picking tidbits out of a book and filtering it through your brain.

    This one sounded like taking beats from your heart and dipping them in education.

    1. I was trying the strikethrough function, but found out that it doesn’t work in comments

      Edit: This post felt [striketrhough] like music to me ears [end strikethrough] easier to read.

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