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Center for Creative Youth

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The Center for Creative Youth (CCY) is a five-week summer residency program based at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., that immerses high school students in the arts: creative writing, theater, musical theater, technical theater, photography, film-making, music, visual arts, and dance. There is also a winter program. (1)


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Launched in 1976, the program has expanded over the years to include students from all over the world who take daily classes in a chosen major and interdisciplinary classes as a complement to the main course of study. Students must apply and compete for acceptance into the program, and can apply for financial aid. (2)

Today, the program is affiliated with the Hartford-based Capitol Region Education Council (CREC), which since 1966 has been operating a variety of programs and services meant to meet the educational needs of Connecticut’s Capitol region, as well as the needs of member district. (3)


Assessments of this program, apart from its sheer longevity, are hard to find. One student reviewer, Sarah M., a participant in the program, posted about her feelings of camaraderie and connection to her peers in an online forum called Teen Ink. Other prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins University and Imagining America promote the program. Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life is “a consortium of colleges and universities that supports public scholarship and practice,” according to its website. Wesleyan University is a member. (4)


As of 2011, core faculty comprised these 11 artists:

Gene Bozzi Noah Baerman Jeanne Giroir
Carolyn Kirsch Diana Moller-Marino Sparks Mellon
Rafael Oses Pit Pinegar Natasha Miles
Kate Ten Eyck Craig Norton


(1) CCY About Page

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(3) CREC

(4) Imagining America

External Links

Facebook link to Capitol Region Education Council

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