Elevator Pitch #1

“I’d rather be a forest than a street. Yes I would, if I could, I surely would.”

— Paul Simon, El Condor Pasa

In the spirit of this song, which I interpret as the freedom to be one’s most natural self, I propose “Song Space” — a Word Press blog tailored for would-be and actual composers, songwriters, and musicians of all stripes that provides an embedded mp3 player and automatically available online storage space for uploading infinite amounts of audio. Cost to the user:  a flat, one-time $50 fee.

Today, Word Press charges from $20 to $289.97 a year for extra space to upload audio. The so-called “Space Upgrade” provides an extra 5, 15, 25, 50, or 100 gigabytes of storage space. The higher-end fees are out-of-sight for average working stiffs and starving musicians, but can be minimized to entice more users. If Word Press provides this expandable space upgrade as a built-in feature for all users who sign onto Song Space, it’s one-size fits all blog will pay for itself as more people sign on. Being charged pricey annual fees for various degrees of use is a hassle.

Why would Word Press want to provide dedicated, music-related blogs in one web cloud and charge less than what they’re charging now? Because as the offering exists now, the user who chooses to spend money on space for audio is random. But Song Space would attract like writers and performers, producers and promoters. The Song Space Word Press option could come with a library of users, if users opted in for that, so these like minds could find one another readily.

Musicians are notorious for word-of-mouth promotion. Song Space would definitely “get around” as a go-to tool for the musical set.

3 thoughts on “Elevator Pitch #1

  1. Once again…I am coming from a place of little knowledge about this area of music but how would this be better than putting your music on iTunes and making a profit from it? I understand the community part of it but why do you need WordPress for the audio when there are other sites to like to that would do it for you?

  2. I think WordPress would go for it because it can aggregate similar users in a directory that could become a kind of destination congregation for the musical set. I guess I didn’t spell that out.

    The benefit of that would be to create a specialized niche that could become known and popular.

    Also, many musicians/songwriters are prolific (me) but have a tough time breaking into mainstream selling of CDs (again me), so it would benefit serious amateurs too.

    But thanks for the critique because I can see I have not spelled all this out. Your response to EP#2 is causing me to switch gears anyway.

  3. I get it, but I’m not sure I get it. I understand that it’s a one-time pay option that should snowball to many users because of it’s ease and cheapness, but I don’t understand why WordPress would go for this?

    I see storage space like day-time minutes. The reason they used to cost so much is because the people that really needed them, businesspeople and investors, were willing and able to pay for them. The same will go for net space. If you have built enough songs that you require unlimited space, then you probably can afford to pay WordPress’ fees.

    I do see that you are addressing the need of musicians getting their art to the public, but I feel like the solution to this problem is even easier than this Song Space.

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