Elevator Pitch #2

A Music Mashup App

Smart phone apps for Android and iPhone alike enable all sorts of music functions, from recording off-the-cuff songwriting with Evernote to simulating guitar playing with PocketGuitar.

An app that enables two songs to be mashed up into one would be too cool for words. In this 21st century, musicians can create mashups in studios or electronically with special computer software. But using an mp3 player and some smart phone software to overlay one song on top of the other from a library of downloaded songs the smart phone owner chooses would be popular, since many people (me included) use their phones as portable music players on the go and at the gym.

What is not irrefutable about this proposal is whether the technology exists to do this simply, but new apps are being invented at such a rapid rate, surely this is possible. And if two songs could not be mashed together, surely a variety of techno beats, for example, could be superimposed on a standard tune like “My Funny Valentine” to create an original song with a whole new feel.

Though many apps are free, a charge might likely be needed for the development of this one. But it could make some lucky, inventive soul a good chunk of change.

3 thoughts on “Elevator Pitch #2

  1. Thanks Tag, you know more than I do about how this might work! So I’m going to investigate the Bed Intruder Song and autotune (or can you tell me what autotune is?)

    I do like the simplicity of this idea, though it may be more complicated to execute, so I am going to do a new exec. summary. Thanks for seeing the potential.

  2. Now this idea is a money maker. I am not a tech head, but I’m sure the technology exists for this. A program as simple as Audacity can be used. The instrumentals and the accapellas will be downloadable, for an individual fee or course, and the user can start fiddling with the tracks.

    I think this can go a step further by allowing audio tracks from youtube videos to be mixed. With the success of the Bed Intruder song, everyone is mixing videos.

    Speaking of the Bed Intruder Song, You’d have to make the autotune feature available, for another fee, of course.

    Man, this idea is turning me into Mr. Potter, from It’s A Wonderful Life, trying to nickle-and-dime customers.

    I like it. I like it a lot.

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