Footnote to Midterm

Easy hits on the songwriting blog circuit can be found at Jeff’s blog and the Shy Singer-Songwriter blog.

It just so happens these two different approaches to blogging do separately what I would like to do in one place.

Jeff blogs about very specific takes on situations every songwriter runs into and keeps his posts short and relevant.

Shy Songwriter, an older woman, says at the outset songwriting is the way she grew beyond her personal limits. Her blogs are reflective, analytical, and focus on personal growth.

I would like to blog as a songwriter first, and as a late-bloomer secondarily, but have both identities inform my words and ideas.

Am I on the right (pun intended) track?

Because this could become an addiction, an affliction, an obsession. No, not a revolution, the world has seen too much of that lately.

With a little luck and a lot of work, though, I want this to become more than just another songwriting blog.

3 thoughts on “Footnote to Midterm

  1. Thanks Sun, I agree with you on that! It might not be as complicated as I make it out to be. I am like your husband in terms of my view of covers. Yet people love them, too. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  2. Your question about your songwriting identity and name is very interesting to me. My husband is a songwriter but he is also a singer that makes a living singing covers. For a long time he wanted to use two different names, almost embarrassed that he sang covers, as he thought they were not true to his art of being original. I have tried to explain to him that singing other peoples songs is just another type of art and he should be proud to use his name to do so. I think your journalist position and your songwriting life are just pieces of who you are and, as long as you are true and honest in both, you should be able to use the same name.

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