Executive Summary: Smartphone MashUp App (this is the ES I will produce)

Making a mashup app for smartphones means making music, making money, and making magic. Mashups are all the rage today, as this mashup of Sam Tsui singing, Kurt Schneider producing “Love The Way You Lie,” “Dynamite,” and “Teenage Dream” shows. Fourteen-plus million hits by two relative unknowns can’t be wrong. And why not have this ability on the go? Waiting for a train? plane? Away from your sophisticated studio software? Or do you just want to have fun? Whatever the circumstance or motive, imagine enabling an Android, Blackberry or iPhone, which typically already have mp3 players and Internet access, to download songs for a fee (generating revenue right off the bat) into a simplified audacity program on the phone. Guide the user into edit mode with some simple controls and the familiar audacity soundwave interface, save the file and then have the capacity to play it back and even share it. This App would cost about $30,000 to produce so instead of being a freebie, there could be a nominal fee of a few dollars per app that would constitute a return on investment. Rights to Audacity, as well as a separate add-on for AutoTunes, which corrects and alters pitch, would have to be negotiated. The price of $30,000 is for a single platform, according to Aaron Maxwell, founder of mobile web design agency Mobile Web Up. As investor, it’s your choice but as originator of the idea and owner of an Android phone, I would go with that market first (The iPhone, Android and Blackberry markets are split about equally among users, Maxwell says.) As the inventor, an Interactive Communications graduate student, longtime reporter and editor for a mid-sized New England daily, and songwriter and singer with two CDs to her credit, I’ve got the vision to find and unify developers and investors to make this project happen. Estimated timeline: three months.

Note: Crediting TagPesos for the Audacity and AutoTune ideas in this post.

One thought on “Executive Summary: Smartphone MashUp App (this is the ES I will produce)

  1. This summary feels like an elevator pitch. I don’t know if it’s because it’s all in one paragraph or if it’s because you quickly move from one thing to the next.

    It’s descriptive and gives enough information to entice you to read more. I like that you talk about making money before you bring up how much it will cost. It primes the investors’ brain to go in the direction you want before hitting them over the head with a big price.

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