A Musician’s Mastery of Facebook

John Mayer is plugged in, and his social media campaign is a means to staying that way.

As one of my favorite songwriters and guitarists, Mayer has got it together. His avid use of Facebook in particular, and other tools like Twitter and Tumblr, to keep fans abreast of his concerts and activities, creates a steady stream of contact.

The Facebook page also enables getting mobile status updates. He is so 21st century.

What I like about Mayer’s mode of self-promotion is that he is all about the consumer. He promotes downloads of his compilation Battle Studies for $1.99 on Amazon and $7.99 on iTunes — affordable deals for most of us.

His is not an issue-driven campaign but a marketing technique and it is one all professional and serious amateur singer/songwriter/performers would do well to emulate where they can. It is not a series of flash-in-the-pan messages but a constant font of information and deals for his fans.

What it doesn’t provide is a true personal connection, but he is too famous for that anyway. In his own way, he uses Facebook more than Facebook uses him.

Unlike Mayer’s fan base, my small audience is happy to connect with me personally on Facebook, where I regularly announce open mics and more prominent performances. I also successfully pulled in a few CD purchases by promoting the CD on Facebook, along with YouTube and friends’ videos of my recent outings.

I aspire to more web self-promotion, through my own blog and/or website, my YouTube uploads and tweets. I cannot begin to compare my late-in-life stirrings to his career, but where I can I follow his path in cyberworld, I think I’ll be better for it.

4 thoughts on “A Musician’s Mastery of Facebook

  1. I, too, am a big fan of John Mayer. He was one of the first celebrities I followed on Twitter so I’ve seen his social media transformation. Twitter used to be his publicist’s nightmare. He would leave streams of drunken tweets.

    Here are some of his tweets from that time:

    -Dream-tweeting from inside my nap. This is really fantastic. I am a merman and my scales don’t start until after my balls, so, yay there.

    -paying for sex in baby carrots. #thingsthatwillbelegalinthefuture

    -I just made myself laugh thinking about a TV show about a time-traveling chronic masturbator.

    Rumor has it, one of his girlfriends broke up with him because of his tweeting obsession.

    He has recently changed into the Twitterer you see now, and he’s doing much better than before. Even when he made those seemingly racist comments in his Playboy interview, he used Twitter to directly address the issue and avoided offending a great majority of his fans.

    John Mayer is a great person to model your own social media campaign after. As long as it’s the recent Mayer.

  2. Thanks! I believe I’ll be converting this blog to my name and of course then I’ll be totally comfortable sharing that with you. In fact you encouraged me to do that in my midterm! thank you very much. More about that in the final. (Of all the followers on Twitter that I have attracted outside of class there is one that is in fact a performer and he is really good! Tweeting feels like a great way to promote a blog but my Facebook page is full of musician friends it’s probably the main reason I bother with Facebook at all!)

  3. This is very well done. It made me go to John Mayer’s Facebook and take a look. You are right, it is very well done too.
    Its interesting how Facebook can be used as both a very personal promotional tool, one where you connect one on one with your audience and communicate your songs to them but it can also be used as a Mass promotional campaign that allows fans to connect with the entity rather than the person.
    Good luck with your singing career. I would be interested in visiting your Facebook and learning more about your music if you were comfortable with the fact that I would know your real name…maybe after class has ended….but best of luck to you.

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