Maybe, Baby

When you write a song about love gone wrong, it tends to strike a nerve.

This song, called “Maybe,” is a lot of postulating about what went wrong in a relationship.

It’s fiction. Based on the least little hints of real angst and dissatisfaction and disappointment. All that.

If you make up your mind about love based on a song though, you’re bound to go wrong.

Poetic license allows fictionalizing of a lot of things. The song still has to ring true, though.

So here are the lyrics: Tell me what you think, about songwriting, love and what makes you crazy tired and distracted (in a good way).

A word about the rendition: it’s just guitar and voice on Audacity. Future recordings with more sophisticated instrumentation are planned.


By Pat Daddona

Maybe I’ve been a liar

Maybe I’ve been afraid

Of what you’d say if you just knew

I wasn’t all I was made

Out to be, out to be, out to be.

My state of mind is wired,

My feelings are on parade.

You’re looking elsewhere for a love

That you could just trade in for

My love, trade in for my love, trade in for me.

So what’s it gonna be now?

Is it gonna be her or me?

Hey just so we’re both clear,

I’m not yours for free.

Maybe I’ve been distracted,

Maybe I’ve been confused

By all the things you promised me

Or was it just a ruse

To get my attention, get my attention, get into my head.

You know, you can make me crazy,

Yeah, you can make me mad.

If I let you into my heart,

Just think of what we had,

With you in my bed, you in my bed, you in my bed.

Oh, baby I’ve been so tired,

Baby I’ve been so blue.

If you would just come back to me,

I’d stay right by you,

And we’d be happy, really happy, me and you.

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