Looking for my tribe

Seth Godin, marketing guru and thought leader,  says in a podcast offered by CDBaby that in this age of the independent artist, you can’t wait to get picked by record labels and producers and radio DJs and Simon Cowell, you must get out there and find your tribe… a handful of people who like your work and want to get more and share it with others.

This is what those of us in search of “true fans” have to understand. And part of it means putting out your music for free.

Godin’s influence is part of the reason I chose to put “Love Is Hard” not only on CDBaby but on Napster and other venues that don’t charge.

The goal is to be listened to and shared, not to rake in the big bucks!

“The new model is no one is ever going to hear of you unless the idea spreads,” Godin says.

This blog is just another way to perform for folks, and hope some of you stick!

Are you a musician trying to make a living? Does this philosophy work for you?

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