Heart ‘n Soul

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I write songs from a place of inner awareness and deep-seated feeling.

But mostly, I write from a place of love.

As I said to Janis Ian when graced with her presence briefly after her concert at the Garde Arts Center in New London, her music, heart and soul somehow gave me permission to write and sing. Mostly to sing. Because I do not have a voice that justifies its own existence. I have a range. I write for it. The rest comes.

I guess, though, that in fact somewhere along the line four or five years ago I gave myself permission to write and sing. Regularly. For real.

This song seems to be asking permission. Yet it blends spiritual and earthly love in a way that is different from most of what I write.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Say You’ll Love Me

I am going down the mountain

I am finding my own way

Looking back on sudden sorrow

In the winds of yesterday

I am holding onto something

That I knew was never mine

And it makes me sad to know it

But I think that it’s a sign


Tell me why

Tell me when

Say you’ll love me

I’ll say, ‘Amen.’

God is riding in the breezes

God is hiding in your eyes

And the devil’s in the details

But it makes us sure and wise

If I knew where I was going

I would take you out that way

But it’s raining til tomorrow

So I’ll kiss you for today. (refrain)

Grieving’s part of daily passing

Gladness comes fast from behind

If you merge the two together

You never know what you will find

Giving is the spirit’s window

Claiming love imbues the soul

With a quiet mind that’s loving

And a heart both young and old (refrain)

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