I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

True friendship. True, unselfish collaboration.

Meet Mike Bailey, a fantastic songwriter, generous to a fault. He has his own CD, The Point, on CD Baby, and soon will have Maggie’s Guitar‘s newest release, Who Do We Think We Are, on CD Baby too (along with Ron and Margaret Gletherow and Steve Fagin).

Mike just helped me out with that new song I promised, which will get an airing here Saturday, after I play it for my friend. If you remember, it’s a song about a deep friendship that I feel is more personal than the average piece and should be handled with care.

Well, thanks to Mike, that song now has a bridge that changes things up ever so slightly on one verse, a little Em-Bm-C-G finagling that ends on a high E.

I shared the song with Mike because his feedback as friend, never mind songwriter, is invaluable. He tells me when a song rings true or false. He knows what’s in my heart, as well as what comes out of my mouth and through my busy finger-picking hands.

He liked the song, but gently, as is his style, made a suggestion. He came up with the Em start and I figured out the rest, pretty much instantly. And it makes the song so much better!

This is what I love about the New London area, the generosity of talented friends. And it just so happens that includes the afore-mentioned Ron Gletherow, my two-time producer, whose own guitar riffs on my CD Love Is Hard add so much.

Guys, my songs are so much more developed because of you. And musically true. Thank you. You rock.

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