On the Borderline

On the Borderline

for Lee G.

Downpour on the turnpike

Hills of Vermont in snow

Croce on the turntable

Kindling in the wood stove


This is our refuge

This is our time

To make what we can

Of friendship on the borderline.

We met in springtime

Broke up before the snow

Kept some distance between us

Without quite letting go

I played your board games

You came to all my shows

I struggled with my studies

You said, ‘That’s just how it goes’

There’s sorrow in your eyes

A smile across your face

I dry those tears

I think it’s still my place

Sun streams through the windows

Grass and leaves so green

Turning up that rock ‘n’ roll

Laughter inbetween

Vermont’s so pretty in springtime

Winter seems far away

Something tells me this friendship

Is here to stay

5 thoughts on “On the Borderline

  1. Very pretty, memorable and melodic tune and nice lyrics. I can see this resonating in my head after hearing it a few times. When you gonna write one about or for me? Ha ha.

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