Writing through the fingers … hurts!

I am one of those writers who needs guitar in hand to write.

But then, the first line comes and I am off and strumming, picking, whatever it takes.

Wrote a new song two nights ago, so despite pain from tendonitis decided to play it last night, and then practice.

Bad idea.

My right wrist was swollen this morning, twice the size of the left.

So I will have to lay off the guitar for a bit.

Will post the new song shortly anyway, though. Fair warning: it’s weird and dark.

I was psycho-channeling a friend’s pain and despair. Overdid it. Like I overdid the playing.

And it turns out her angst was short-lived. A good thing.

Ah well, once you write a song that works, it’s hard to stop. Not sure the new one is worthy and would like constructive criticism. Look for it soon!

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