The Abyss

Sometimes another’s black mood will invade my own, and I will own and assume it.

Happened recently. And though I’m not in despair, I have known it. We all have.

Here’s the result (MP3 as a link:)

The Abyss

There’s a fever, heats your skin

Makes you cry hot water

Like a pounding migraine din

Leads your thoughts to slaughter

Ticking clock like thunderous jet

Wind-whipped eyes are streaming

Can’t name that condition yet,

Seems I must be dreaming.


And I don’t know why I’m dreaming

And I don’t know why I’m screaming

And if I lie, it’s unseemly, or even worse

It’s demeaning

And I’m careening into the abyss

And there’s no cure, no cure for this

There’s a shiver down my spine

Cold night dark as dungeons

Clammy palms and trembling hands

Head feels like it’s bludgeoned

Silence then, a tight cocoon,

Wrapped to stop my breathing

Longing for a cigarette

My heart is stopped yet seething

2 thoughts on “The Abyss

  1. The inspiration was a friend who had a bad day. I kind of over-identified, catastrophized, imagined what she was feeling. In fact, the episode passed, and I was left with a song.

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