Inspiration on the Shoreline

For a couple of years now, I have been a member of the Shoreline Acoustic Music Society, a group that makes me musically whole.

SAMS is a New London-based monthly forum for songwriters and musicians to jam, collaborate, and simply play tunes together. The group also organizes a folk festival as part of Sailfest every July. Membership is free and members are allowed to add their profiles to the page. I am updating mine.

Every musician and songwriter needs an audience. For me, SAMS is that welcoming group of listeners. They do not generally workshop or critique songs, but if I bring a new one in I can be assured I will get a close listen, and if it is any good, people react genuinely and naturally. Not all my songs get that coveted endorsement, but when they do I know it’s real.

What’s more, the group is a constantly fluctuating mix of musicians and songwriters at all levels, from beginner to accomplished.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 but until a few years ago, until I started earnestly writing songs, was too afraid to share. Now that sharing is something I treasure and embrace. So SAMS is a real gift to many, but especially to us “regulars” who trade covers and originals. It is not the approval so much as the sharing and mutual camaraderie and support that matters.

What methods do you use to stay inspired?

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