Magic Treason

This is a tune born of cynicism, hurt, and betrayal.

All fictionalized into one mysterious persona.

I have an idea who the people are I conjured into this deceitful being, but there are only shreds of real people in this woman. The mystic, the liar, are imagined, yet somehow truer than if this were a documentary.

Judge for yourself. Let me know your thoughts and feelings about this one.

A technical note, I like to strum this one but it sounds tinny that way on Audacity.

Tell me if you would rock this one out instead of finger-pick.

Here are the lyrics:

Magic Treason

She was taking back the night

Hid her motives out of sight

Lit the room by candlelight, so bright, she knew what she was doing

She liked to say she was a mystic

Some people thought she was twisted

If there was a curse she would lift it, distill it, make you think she was fooling

Oh, how she cried, how she cried, for no reason

Oh, how she lied, you know she lied: magic treason

There was a kinder side to her

She liked to tell you who you were

She’d take your money or what for, push the door to the cave of your longing

Then she’d forget that you were there

Leave you lusting for a prayer

Or for some reason for her to care, but no fear, it was a movie you were wrong in

She roams the woods now in the dark

Sings you songs just like a lark

Until there’s no way you can work, or park your love in neutral

She will haunt your darkest dreams

She will ply you with her schemes

Nothing with her is as it seems, only the means to something less than truthful

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