Cultivating Stillness of Mind

Eckhart Tolle says creativity wells up from stillness, when we are not thinking.

The Power of Now is a groundbreaking book about spiritual enlightenment published in 1999 that I am just discovering now. I find what he writes about creativity specifically and thinking generally ring true.

Usually, I am playing with a curious chord progression or finger-picking notes in a kind of trance when a line comes to me. I am mindless, yet sentient, open to the universe. And often, a song follows.

For whatever reason, I haven’t had time like that in a while. Yard work. Tendonitis. Finishing school. Life gets in the way. But I have been taking time to listen to songwriters. Don’t want to name any. Pick your own, pick any. Absorb the instrumental line and vocals in your bones. Not just for inspiration, but as soul food.

Creativity is about the work, the craft, but also about times taken to drink in the spirit of the idea.

Try to live the quest, not chase it.

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Stillness of Mind

  1. Karen

    Yes, time and space are needed for creativity to flow. This is true when you want to commune with any aspect of spiritual life …not easy to create that space.

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