Making Room for Music

I am not a pro. But I am pro-music.

Tonight’s toss-up: choosing between an open mike at Side Pocket Cafe in Groton, led by J.C. Hatfield…

Or mowing the lawn.

I am choosing music.

The lawn, true, is long in the tooth and needing care. But it will be there tomorrow. And the next day.

For indie artists like me who do something other than music full time and for whom songwriting is an avocation, getting out to perform is so important, so restorative, even when the audiences are small.

And mixing with like-minded musicians keeps me happy and motivated. Plus, J.C., a dynamic guitarist with a soulful voice and a country flair invited me.

I am saying yes to as many invitations as I can, in the audience or on stage.

Because when I get up in the morning, it’s the knowledge songwriting has become my reason for being that gets me through the day.

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