When the Stage is a Circle in the Round

The best thing happened on open mic night at the Side Pocket Cafe in Groton, only the second open mike in as many weeks.

Nothing. Or rather, everything.

Six of us sat around a table, guitars in our laps, unplugged, jamming, or trading songs the way people trade stories around a campfire. For almost three hours.

Country music, blues, originals, classics, funky tunes, ballads, whatever came to us.

Of course it didn’t start out that way. J.C. Hatfield tested out the sound and I, being the first one there, signed up fourth on the list, since I didn’t want to be the first one to perform.

No worries there. We ended up with just musicians and, until rather late, no one in the audience, and then just one.

This is in contrast to the previous week when several folks came by to watch J.C., Mike Bailey and his daughter, Sara Anne, and Carl Suiter Jr. and others.

Turns out Side Pocket is metamorphosing from a pool hall to a music venue, complete with two stages now and a decent sound system, though we didn’t get to use it Wednesday night.

All good things come to those who wait. J.C. said the cafe’s open mic will be whatever it will be week to week. We all seemed happy to have the chance to play with and for one another instead of in front of a mic and audience. And we’ll do it again, until more folks show. It’s great to be in on the ground floor of a new enterprise, behind the scenes, making music for one another … just because.

One thought on “When the Stage is a Circle in the Round

  1. Good that you found another passion besides writing! Who would have known years ago when we became friends that music and songwriting would become such a big passion of yours! I find I don’t have any “passions” I actually spend much time doing, but I more often dabble in things I like or love, like singing in the choir, or just things I am good at, like my current business (and obviously being a business not just for fun but for living). If I have a buried passion for painting or other art, I wouldn’t know it til I pick up a paint brush again, more importantly, find time to do that and continue on a regular basis to see if I love it and have any talent! Considering you are full-time employed and in grad school, I am amazed you find the time and energy!

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