Refuge during Hurricane Irene

This rough cut is an upbeat piece about camping in the woods.

Not something we’ll be doing over the next few days as Irene hits.

Wanted to get this up so y’all might have a little extra entertainment.

That is, if the power doesn’t cut out.


I have walked with you down lonely roads

Taking paths wherever they may go

Wandering far from where we were before

Knowing what we had was so much more


I’m crying, I’m flying, You’re willing, We’re chilling


In the forest we could see the sky

Little birds and chipmonks passing by

On a rock we laid and stared up high

Never asking where we were or why


By a stream we cross on shaky stones

In a dried leaf all you see are bones

With a walking stick, your footsteps light

In a clearing we bed down for the night


Moon is full, and crisp night air is cold

Fire is bright, tea warm, with hands to hold

Darkness settles, misting over camp

Need a blanket to keep out all this damp


Sleep is deep, morning warming with the sun

You get up and go for a short run

Eggs and bacon sizzle, coffee’s hot

Look at this life, look at all we’ve got

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