River’s Edge: New song, New gig!

Here’s a new tune I wrote, apparently channeling the local festival gods, who just happened to be putting on a new 1st Annual ‘Down By the Riverside’ Festival at New London’s Riverside Park on Adelaide Avenue.

Unbeknownst to me, a performer had cancelled and I was invited to fill the slot, which I most enthusiastically accepted. Look for Ron Gletherow to fill in after his own set with some of his lovely harmonies. Ron’s on at 11:50 a.m., I’m on at 12:50, Hugh Birdsall at 1:50 and The People at 2:50 Saturday.

Sunday sked: Mike Harris, Sue Mead, Ohio-Freer Collective and Gabriel Kastelle, same times. Lots of other activities too.

About the song: The River Thames sounded a bit precocious, but I do name Old Orchard Farm and the Dutch, Eugene O’Neill’s old haunt, and obliquely reference the flowering Harkness mansion and state park. Here are the lyrics:

The River’s Edge

Take me down to the river’s edge,

Where the water’s flowing

Take me there, to the darkened pier

Where lovers’ boats are rowing


The moon is high

We’ve touched the sky

You know we do not scare,

We find our lessons there.

Take me south to the rocky glen

Where the mansion’s flowering

Take me north to the lush white pines

Where the mountain’s overpowering

Take me west to Old Orchard Farm

Applies, bees and honey

Take me east to the Old Lyme beach

All that real estate and money

Take me back to my old hometown

Comfort here all sorrow

Drink Dutch draft, that old watering hole

Where yesterday is tomorrow.

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