In Between

Last weekend’s First Annual Down By the Riverside Festival proved a warm, roots-centric venue with familiar, fantastic songwriters performing over two days. I was comfortably sandwiched in between Hugh Birdsall as well as Ron Gletherow and Steve Fagin of Maggie’s Guitar, who graciously played a handful of tunes with me, also inviting me to sing backup on California Dreamin’ and a Jim Croce tune.

Sinners Circle 14 promises more of the same, only in the round: I get to perform with Marco Frucht, Vince Tuckwood and Jake Carpenter. That happens Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m. at Bean & Leaf in New London. Rehearsals are coming up and I am trying out different songs in anticipation, getting my best stuff ready.

Besides being, for a change, between gigs, and happy about that, I am between borrowing and repaying student loans, having just completed a 2-year master’s degree in Interactive Communications at Quinnipiac University. It has been a fascinating, challenging, instructive ride that left little time for music, though it was so stimulating I found myself still writing and performing where I could. And creating musical projects in web programming and Flash!

I am also in between two amazing books, having finished reading Homer’s Odyssey, the story of a blind cat and the woman he rescued in more ways than one and the Power of Now. I am also in the middle of Excuses Begone! by one of my favorite modern authors and thinkers, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Each of these books contains a singular message: the in between times we think of as neither here nor there are times when we live most fully, in the present.

In between gigs, books and financial life cycles, I feel as if I have arrived. But of course, I haven’t, and won’t. It’s the journey in between the milestones and moments, the getting there, the present participle of a life leaving a trail of meaningful words, chords and contacts, that matters.

4 thoughts on “In Between

  1. Karen

    Yes, and it is those in between moments that we sometimes take for granted because they are so mundane (until
    something happens to disrupt them) and we then notice how important they are.

  2. Lorain Ohio

    Hi Dear Lady,
    Thank you for the mention of the Down by the Riverside Fest. It was a great experience for all, and I know the trees at the Park loved it…
    Starting this Sunday,( Sept 25) I hope to get musicians and artists down to Riverside Park around 2:00 PM every Sunday to play for each other and the ancient forest, take photos and make memories. i am starting out small and low key and hope that this builds. Bring food to cook on the grills, if it’s raining, perhaps someone will have an EZ-up to set up so it can go on. Pass the word, see you Sunday, maybe, and Thank You for your songs. BTW, I have a small appreciation stipend for you for playing last Saturday.

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