New Song: What the Notes Say

F#m and Bm are closely related.

D likes them both, but with an upbeat tone.

All this with the capo on the 6th guitar fret and I know I am not in F# land anymore.

Still, when you hear this song, listen for the mix of minor and major chords.

That is my message, and it’s in the words too: uncertainty leads to hope, lack of clarity is supplanted by self-awareness, passive waiting is replaced by looking toward tomorrow.

Tell me what you think or feel about this song. It’s not in A minor and that, my friends, is about as much as this mournful folkie can hope for right now.

Waiting For You

I am waiting by the window, back to summer days

I can’t tell if we will all go, is it just a phase


Waiting for you to follow me down

Don’t know if you still want me around

But I’m hoping when you hear this soft sound

You’ll plant yourself by me on this ground

You are lying here beside me, skin so soft and warm

You have given me this birthright, saved me from the storm REFRAIN

Houses in the suburb, city, work replacing play

We will navigate the distance, look to Saturday REFRAIN

4 thoughts on “New Song: What the Notes Say

  1. Elizabeth Branca

    I like the tune quite a bit. I felt like I could sing along with you right away. I did actually. The tune and words resonate well. It is great and fun to hear you.

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