A Little Housekeeping

Not to be mysterious or brash or anything, but my love life, which shall remain private, is blissfully alive.

You may have noticed, through the songs. Or not.

What I’ve noticed since then is that I’ve been too busy and otherwise absorbed to play guitar or write.

I also am rededicating myself to Weight Watchers and the movement and workout activity that requires.

It all takes time away from the beloved music. So I have to refocus to include it all.

Luckily, I have a gig Dec. 9 at Dev’s on Bank in New London: a Hoot for Hunger! Would love to see you all there.

Also luckily I have music friends I am, if not collaborating with, conspiring with, for the future.

And I do indeed have that $3 book of scales bought at the closing Borders a couple months ago.

Time to crack it open, as life cracks open in so many wonderful directions, all at once!

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