Perks from Resting the Voice

What do singers do when bronchitis hits?

Medical advice is to rest the voice.

So, of course, since I’m almost better, I’ve done the opposite, practicing for a Hoot for Hunger set for Dec. 9 at Dev’s on Bank St. in New London.

But now, I am taking this advice, practicing guitar only, because the antibiotic is not kicking in the way it should be.

Rest, happily, means listening, as well as practicing with a pick. Normally, I prefer to fingerpick most songs, but  my fingernails aren’t long enough to make the strings resonate as clearly as I’d like. Intricate picking with one of those plastic picks is tricky, but when you have the right flexibility based on thickness and size, it’s fun. With practice, I actually am producing an even better sound!

In the meantime, please consider joining the many musicians and vocalists coming out for this hoot, a worthy event and the second in a series. We hope to raise a bundle!

2 thoughts on “Perks from Resting the Voice

  1. Karen

    Have a great Thanksgiving. I am always soooo impressed when I see a skillful ‘flat-picker’. Keep using that pick–I will try to do the same. 🙂

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