Lyrics Masquerading as Autobiography: Who Do You Believe?

I usually write song lyrics about longing and love.

So this is a little out of my comfort zone.

I wrote this song in the first person, although I am not an alcoholic and don’t have problems with addiction (unless it’s to music, or unattainable idols). I do have a relative who struggled with addictions in the past, as I struggled with being in his life without trying to control them, or him.

The persona here is, then, not autobiographical, but a mask I wear, a bit like a dramatist or storyteller.

And it is entirely possible I identify more with the person sung to than the singer of this song.

I’m interested in knowing, consequently, if the lyrics ring true.

I alternately call this song “Getting Sober” or “One for the Road.”

The song is not just about struggling to conquer an addiction to alcohol, but understanding and facing the power of the person wanting to impose sobriety on another. It’s not at all clear to me that the person wielding that power is any healthier or wiser than the alcoholic. Is the influence, however well intended, always constructive?

Would love to get your feedback on this.

Here are the words:

One for the Road

Didn’t know what you’d say when you came in

Didn’t know what you’d think when I poured that gin.


Doesn’t matter what I think

Don’t matter what I say

I’m sober and I’ve you to thank — today

Know what this looks like now, a sad sad sight

No I am not OK, been up all night REFRAIN


Alright, close the light when you leave

I got nothing else up my sleeve

Just one last thing before you go

What’s in this glass you’ll never know REFRAIN

Our time together is short, you’re going away

This bottle’s the last I swear, so why don’t you stay?

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