2011: The Year of the Love Song

2011 has been a tremendous year, marked by new songs, as yet unrecorded, except here, in a kind of embryonic state, performances in the well-known regional Sinner’s Circle and at the New London Parade downtown, the loss of my day job, some 71 blog posts — and the rekindling of love.

So it is fitting perhaps that as I look at new opportunities I contribute this short love song, one that follows others, none as simple and straightforward and hopeful.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you, dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers, to “stay” as this song entreats, for another year of growth, perhaps a new CD, but certainly more critiques and collaboration. Happy 2012!


I was ready to concede

In the morning when you needed me

I thought I could be with you.

It was only half past two

I was wondering where, love, you

Were going and if I could follow you.


Tomorrow’s such a lonely day

And I was wondering if you’d stay with me for a while

Smile the way you do all day

When we’re alone and ignoring the phone and

Holding each other.

Whisper all the dreams you dream

In your head, then go to bed and

I will still be your lover. REFRAIN

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