Hanging Luck On a Star

“Don’t strum,” my friend, Mike Ball of Mystic said when I played this tune for him.

“Pick it.”

He added a hammered “d” on the third string.

He transposed chords up the fretboard, some of which I use and some I don’t.

Some people’s generosity in collaborating is truly inspirational.

This is the result. It’s even better with him improvising alongside me but we haven’t worked that out fully or recorded it yet.

Hanging Luck On a Star

Tell me something I don’t know

Tell me the way it goes

If you’ve got something more to say, then say it.

We’re not known for following rules,

Chasing crowds or suffering fools,

But you and I can place our bets, then bet it.


We’re a couple of kids.

Still don’t know what life is.

But we’ve made it this far,

Hanging luck on a star.

So how’s it gonna shake out

When we’re so full of doubt?

New England’s just another limit.

Maybe we’ll do Montreal,

Seattle, Austin, find our calling

Make this guitar sing, make up things, stay in it.

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