Doing the Work

Hello again from the shallow bowl of my Legend Ovation.

That’s sort of where I’ve been this past month, in a way. Hiding out.

I’ve let this blog lapse and for that I apologize. It’s not for want of material. In fact, I have a couple new tunes that I plan to share soon.

Let’s just say I’ve been otherwise engaged, job hunting full time while playing open mics and small, local gigs.

What I can offer today is a renewed commitment to writing here about songwriting, performing and the local scene.

And oh, yeah, I’ve been nominated in the solo singer/songwriter category for The Whalies! What an honor! Sometimes encouragement comes when you least expect it!

So stay tuned … I mean, keep your guitar sounding pretty! Please consider voting for me in the popular People’s Choice section of the Whalies! and keep a lookout for this blog!

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