“A Weakness for Neil Young”

Sharing the wise sensibility of Neil Young gives a person songwriting cred.

That’s what Mike Bailey has in spades.

Michael Bailey of Norwich, CT, a songwriter joining me to perform at Captain’s Pizza Friday night in New London with two hours of acoustic originals, cites “a weakness for Neil Young” on his bio on the Maggie’s Guitar website.

Mike is also a copyeditor for The Day, and his background in journalism informs his songwriting. But mixed in with political awareness is a soft spot for crafting metaphor about relationships.

On the Maggie’s Guitar CD released last month,” Who Do We Think We Are?” Mike’s songs “Lighthouse,” “Baghdad 117,” and “Everest” carry an undercurrent of sorrow about separation.

In “The Lighthouse,” that personified structure calls for a keeper and laments:

And we were meant to be together,

Though we are apart,

And who’s to say what’s right or wrong

In matters of the heart….

Or in “Baghdad 117,” about the distance between a soldier and his lover, this chorus resounds:

And you’re six thousand miles away,

And it gets farther every day,

And there’s nothing left to say

I haven’t told you…

I am lucky enough to call this talented songwriter with a sweet, gentle voice and an even sweeter, gentle soul my friend.

We will share harmonies and more on Friday. Please join us.

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