One Song at a Time

Vulnerability is underrated.

Sue Mead’s songwriting has it in spades, and it makes her sweet vocals all the more resonant.

Writing lyrically about real relationships and situations takes honesty and guts.

Sue has that, too.

With 15 originals to her credit, and a few recorded, Sue likes to write about life as it comes. Her favorite original, she tells me, is a song she wrote called “Breakthrough.”

“It is about a horse that I leased,” she writes in an email. “He was afraid of everything, and everybody. but I knew I would be able to get through to him and he would trust me.”

Her influences are equally compelling: “Anyone who is willing to show their weaknesses and flaws to show true humanity.”

You can catch her with me Friday, May 18 at Captain’s Pizza, 8 Bank St., New London, where the hors d’oeuvres are half price and the music will be flowing. We’re both playing acoustic originals with a folksy flair.

Hope to see you there.

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