Percussive Guitar: My Role Model

I am listening as I write this to “Soul Redemption” by Flav Martin.

You should, too.

The song below was inspired, in part, by him. It’s rough, because I am still trying to master a style he has forged so effortlessly.

Flav Martin is one of the best percussive guitarists and cool songwriters around.

“What’s the truth my baby? Maybe we can seek it out?” he sings, then adds, “How ’bout we go dancing….”

All the while he’s snapping his wrist and gently banging the strings with his hand to get a very unique, catchy sound.

I am using this technique on “Tomorrow.” I don’t come anywhere near approximating the sound Flav gets out of his guitar but the joy is in trying. With practice I hope to get this approach down.


Yesterday, I had no problems.

Yesterday, I had no cares.

But today, you’ve caught me unaware.

Yesterday, I loved you only.

Yesterday, I loved you more.

But today, I’ve got to settle an old score.


‘Cause tonight, I’m dreaming of tomorrow.

And tomorrow, I’m fighting yesterday.

And if I only knew what words to borrow

To make you want me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t say.

Now you see, I’m all about forgiveness.

Yeah, you see, I’ll love you anyway.

But for now, help me just keep it that way.

‘Cause you know, I’m really quite convincing.

Yeah, you know, it’s in my tired eyes.

So for now, let’s make love a surprise.


4 thoughts on “Percussive Guitar: My Role Model

  1. Thank you for this post. With the thousands of great guitarists around the world, there are different techniques that will really catch your attention and make you feel at home. Constant practice will definitely help one to achieve what he wants to achieve. Together with determination and patience, one will certainly be successful with his/her own craft.

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