Losing A Class Act

Steve Kaika, bassist for The Reducers, a homegrown New London band that stayed true to its roots, passed away this morning after battling cancer.

The loss reverberated among music lovers and throughout the southeastern Connecticut community.

Though I never knew Steve, band mates Peter Detmold and Hugh Birdsall are generous souls I’ve had the honor to become familiar with in the past few years. Hugh in particular regularly runs Hoots for Hunger, bringing assorted musicians and songwriters together for good. It’s just in the band’s blood to be that way.

Though the band had opportunities to make it big, they stuck to their hometown. They did make it big, though, here, with us, their loyal audience.

Somewhat paralyzed by the news of Steve’s death, I’ve been watching YouTube videos. Here’s one that rocks from Japan.

Playing a gig a couple hours before Steve’s benefit with The Meadows Brothers will be bittersweet. Making music, I hope, can only be a tribute to the gift he and the band gave for so many years.

3 thoughts on “Losing A Class Act

  1. Pat – I’ve been on your list for a year or more . . . and enjoy it. I live in NYC and learned about Steve Kaika here. Might have been a day or two more if not for you. Thanks. I’ve been friends with the band since we were boys together and I wrote a piece I’d like to share with folks in New London. I can’t get up for Friday and so this is what I have to offer. I’m not good at technology but have a face book – Kevin Kane or Kanesongs I think it’s called. If you get a few minutes read what I wrote about Steve and the band. And I’ll be thinking about everyone in New London in the days to come. Thanks for your blogs. Kevin Kane

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