Collaboration’s the Thing!

Bernadette Golden and Larry Kern complement one another.

He conjures inspiring instrumental hooks.

She dangles word-play and “whisps of musical ideas.”

The result? Some extraordinary compositions that you can hear on her website, just to sample them, or better yet, live, with me, on Friday, July 13, from 5-7 p.m. at Captain’s Pizza, 8 Bank St., New London.

We will share songs and stories about songs, and perhaps even some harmonies.

The songs these two write and perform are intellectually rich, dense with imagery and ideas, and musically, catchy and melodic. Both Bernadette, from North Stonington, and Larry, who lives in Groton, play guitar, but Larry’s fingering on the mandolin heightens the music’s lively and often-mystical quality.

The duo is actually part of a larger band known as Golden Ratio.

“The name of our original band was picked because the four of us were all math geeks, and loved the idea of an irrational number as our name,” Bernadette notes. “Additionally, that ratio is a symbol of perfection that cannot be reached by us.”

But if it were perfection they were after, Bernadette and Larry would emulate some of their favorite influences. For her, those models range from Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to Diana Krall and Leon Redbone, and that’s far from a complete list. For him, John Fahey, The Grateful Dead, Beethoven, and Tommy James and the Shondells all count as people whose work matters.

Apart from collecting scraps of paper filled with snatches of chord progressions or turns of phrase, the way many of us write, Bernadette also has written “on deadline,” for such assignments as a high school production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” putting music to poems by Yeats, and re-imagining other classics in song.

“These wind up taking me to places musically I never would have thought of without the theme presented,” Bernadette says.

Join us for a lively, mystical evening of music that makes you both think and feel.

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