Renaissance Man

This indie songwriter’s instrumental abilities range from guitar and piano to sax and ukelele.

His tastes range from Charlie Parker to Led Zeppelin, with Dave Matthews and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young thrown in for good measure.

And as both musician and songwriter, he dabbles in jazz, folk, rock, country and New Age meditations.

Meet Trevor Giles.

The versatile young songwriter dabbled in the craft in high school but recently has become more serious about composing his own tunes. He’s played eloquently at the Blue Crab Open Mic on Wednesdays in Old Saybrook. In fact, though he has an interest in writing orchestral works, he says he loves relating to the audience at singer-songwriter venues like the Blue Crab.

His themes reflect the world, his and ours.

“I write about love,” he says, “… God… war… peace… meditation… girl problems… perception… religion… second chances… aliens…. Being only human.”

So come hear him when he performs with me Friday, Aug. 10, at Captain’s Pizza, 8 Bank St., New London.

Come hear what makes him “human” — and talented.

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