What a way to end a music-filled summer!

With some savings and help, I now own a sound system that can accommodate several musicians.

On the recommendation of Mike Bailey, who knows a great deal about systems and trends, I went with an unpowered mixer, on order, and lightweight powered speakers, plus the accompanying mics and gear. Didn’t break the bank, but the sounds are sweet. Giving it some road tests here at home before I try it out for real.

Much thanks goes to Maze Stephan, who since May loaned me a dynamic, excellent-sounding, problem-free powered Yamaha system that served me in good stead up until now.

Coupled with the room in my house I have freed up for my music, I hope to up my performance game and continue to collaborate and improvise with other dynamite musicians in the area. Oh, and I’ll still be playing Captain’s and hopefully some other venues in coming days. Next up: Sue Mead. This Friday, Aug. 31, 5-7 p.m. at 8 Bank St., New London.

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