Singing Without a Net

Songwriting is the topic of this blog but singing necessarily is a close second.

And this week I had the supreme pleasure to participate in an a cappella group with a single mission: joy.

The lovely thing is, the sound emanating from us will likely compel us to perform occasionally, too.

We sound sweet together. On pitch. Melodies and harmonies blending amidst five voices who until that night early this week had not connected.

Now harmonizing is not a strength of mine. In fact, I’ve been known to veer wildly off track while trying to stay on melody with another singing harmony. What I discovered was, I can do it: learn melody and harmony and then stick to one or the other while blending in.

I hope this blog convinces fellow songwriters and singers out there to take risks and move beyond the writing, which in my case is my strength, to sharing the music in your soul in other ways.

The icing on the cake: these dynamic and soulful women would like to sing my song, “Through It All,” together, as well as “May I Suggest?” and an untitled tune that has us singing, “I’m gonna let my soul be lifted ….”

What a lovely start to the week!

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