Hanging With You

Ron Gletherow and Mike Bailey, pictured above, add lovely harmonies to my songs.

So, too, do my newfound a cappella friends.

Inspired by them, I wrote this last night.

Hanging With You

Here I am hanging with you


If I can always be true


Your heart white gold in fire


Weight of my hands gently higher


All of the love I can bear

And you are just lifting me, taking me there, taking me there

Yes, it’s hard to know when you are loved

Hard to say

Tough to discern what’s enough

Every day

Strangers will knock you off key

Sing anyway

Melody makes memory

Sing and play

All of the songs you can bear

You are just laughing through every last tear, every last tear

If there is doubt in your head

Let it go

If there is worry instead

Tell it, ‘No.’

Rhythm and bass hold you up

Sing it out

Words follow, meaning erupts

You’re about

All of the harmony, joy

Tunes make love no one on earth can destroy, no one can destroy

No one can destroy

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