Songwriting: Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty

Maybe you’re going through a dry spell.

Except for these annoying, semi-interesting chord progressions that ooze out of you, seemingly (deceivingly) with promise.

So you write some lines. You force some rhymes. (There, like that.)

And you go to bed and come back to it another day and you realize.

It’s crap.

And you wonder when the passion left you. Or why. Because life is fuller in many ways.

A real lover, not a fictionalized crush. Work dilemmas, a hodge-podge of part-time and freelance to make ends meet. A home you’ve actually started to care for and improve, not just maintain.

Oh wait, there’s lots of newer songs you’re performing now that cut it. That measure up.

Yes, that’s true, but nothing new is coming.

Time to dig deeper, make some assignments.

Note to self: If it all came easy, everybody would be doing it.

Note to the reader: This mood is more complex than you know. So,  with apologies for the self-indulgent rant, I ask you, have you ever been in this space, this place in your heart and head that is like the frozen tundra, the barren wilderness? And what did you do to get out?

4 thoughts on “Songwriting: Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty

  1. Sarah

    Sounds like you’ve got some good advice there. You keep so busy and that is a good thing. I admire that. It is probably a good idea to take some quiet space for the soul though to find deeper meaning in your life.:) you can do just that with all of Arlene’s advice. Keep on will find it.

  2. Hi Pat!

    This is what I do that might help…

    Don’t focus on the block, just relax.
    Don’t place undue pressure on yourself, find a quiet place and meditate
    Go somewhere that makes you feel good. Take a walk, go to the ocean, a park, a museum or a movie.
    Listen to your favorite music or a new artist
    Take a nice warm bath, pamper yourself
    Light some candles
    Smile and recognize that you are an awesome songwriter

    Remember, sometimes we all just need a break

    Love & Light Always,


    1. Thanks Arlene! I am always pretty hard on myself, learning to “walk light” is a lifelong education for me! But yes another friend proposed something similar and I think I am going to do what you suggest!

      I also am grateful I recognize when the songwriting material is not worthy of me. I can do better! So, I appreciate your wisdom.


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