Singing Through Sandy

My battery-powered radio/CD player got me and my wonderful neighbor, Chris, through the worst of power outage down time Sunday and Monday during Storm Sandy.

The radio blared great rock’n’roll as well as contemporary hits.

We even got news reports and addresses to the public from Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Because silence in a storm is just eerie.

Can’t say we were dancing in the streets, but music, as usual, helped carry the day.

Ironically, we lost power at Chris’ house, while back at my evacuated house, the juice ran freely and consistently – one of the few streets in New London or the state, for that matter, that did not lose power. (I had an unevacuated neighbor checking my house for flood water. Didn’t get a drop.)

Now, I am wanting to hear friend Bernadette Golden’s tune, “Grateful.” ‘Cause that’s what I am! Try this link at SoundCloud, where you’ll find her song, “The World Can Fix Itself,” Arlene Wow’s “Bright Day,” and my song, “Lifeboat.”

Appropriate, I think!

Wishing everyone without power a speedy recovery.

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