Two Songs, One Story

This week, I wrote a song about a woman on the skids: drugs, alcohol, the wrong men in her life.

It’s a song I’ve written before, with a slightly different theme and focus for someone I knew tangentially who lived on the edge and lost her life — either to drugs, prostitution or some combination of the two.

The first song, written a few years ago, was called “The Dark Side.” This new song is called, with a tinge of irony, “Part of a Bigger Plan.” The older song is written as my apostrophe to this woman; the new song is written in her voice.

I am putting down the lyrics to the two songs here, without the Audacity upload of me singing and playing.

I’d like your feedback on the words alone. Then I’ll upload the songs. Does one work better than the other? Ring more true?

Part of a Bigger Plan

You never had no money

You never had it good

You always lacked for something

Understand, it’s understood.

I waited diner tables,

Smoked on breaks out in the back,

Left my family for the high life

Dope made up for what I lacked.


Take the high road, honey

Hold back nothing since you can

Live to die my baby

It’s just part of a bigger plan

It’s just part of a bigger plan

We met one night in winter

You bought me coffee at the bar

I might’ve looked a little deeper,

But I couldn’t see that far

We made love until the sunrise

You had your whiskey; I just drank

Nothing kept us from running

Except that empty gas tank


This city suffocates the spirit

Complicit silence is so cruel

I am so lonely with you

Seems like an unwritten rule

So don’t come round here no more

I can’t take this nightly death

Steal somebody else’s soul, now

Leave me my last breath


AND here’s the other song:

The Dark Side

Alabaster skin, eyes that tear like rain

Pretty light brown hair, drugs to kill the pain

Insight, bittersweet, laughter hiding sorrow

Dark wit, sharp tongue, contempt for tomorrow


They won’t say how you died

Don’t think anybody cried

There were no tears for you

Nothing we could do, nothing we could do

Strangers slept with you, shot you up with cocaine

You shot up your friends too, if they could be called friends

You seemed alright to me, smiled and ran for cover

Tender anguished heart, empty eyes, absent lover


You died at twenty-eight

You almost couldn’t wait

Don’t think anybody cried

But we knew the dark inside, the dark inside

4 thoughts on “Two Songs, One Story

  1. Verdell

    Pat, as I’ve said before you are very talented. You really dig deep. Both songs have very strong lyrics.but makes me feel very sad. I connect with Dark Side more and I am sure you can understand why.. Would love to hear melody.

  2. Karen

    Hey Pat – both lyrics have a lot of power in them. I’ll keep thinking about the two versions. It is a little hard to conceptualize the songs without the music (some lines that I might tweek might be perfect with the music). I bet they both stand well on their own. You are such a gifted songwriter!

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