Welcoming 2013

“Oh, oh come take my hand/ Riding out tonight to case the promised land …”

— Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road”

Watching 2012 go, the irony is unmistakeable. I lost my day job, yet performed publicly more than ever at restaurants and hoots, including on the online venue, Live Lunch Break, my former employer’s weekly showcase for local songwriters.

Back at my day job in a lesser capacity as the year ends, I am juggling various part-time and freelance consulting options and have less time to play out.

But I am thankful as the year ends that, with occasional lapses, the songs are still coming. As well as the occasional performance at places like New Deal Steakplace in Westbrook or the Songbird Cafe.

I am hoping to record some of those new songs, particularly before my favorite guitarist and collaborator, Mike Ball, moves this summer to Oklahoma.

I’d like to use this space as the year ends to thank you, dear readers, for following this blog. I’d like 2013 to showcase more original work here, more music from fellow local songwriters, and your thoughts and observations. I’d also like to thank those who commented and offered constructive advice, which I have taken to heart!

I am entering the new year reading biographies and books about songwriters, starting with Bruce. So, I close with this YouTube video, a live Springsteen performance of “Thunder Road,” which opened my eyes as a teenager to the poetic vision of songwriters, a vision I aspire to creating and sharing for years to come.

“We got one last chance to make it real/ to trade in these wings on some wheels./ Climb in back. / Heaven’s waiting on down the tracks.”

— The Boss

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