Sophia’s Song

I wrote this song, “Little Girl, Dream,” for my niece, Sophia.

The lyrics just came to me, until the third verse, when I tried to work in details about her recent  experiences in after school sports. But swimming, which she just won an award for as a player with most improved race times, did not fit in with these lyrics.

Knowing I had a critique to go to with the Rhode Island Songwriter’s Association spurred me to write my way through the rest of the song. Here it is:

Little Girl, Dream

Once there was a little girl

Danced through the night

Woke up a happy little girl, bright, happy and bright


And she sang, Oh– Oh — Oh,

Little girl sang, Oh — Oh — Oh

Little girl sang, Oh — Oh — Oh

Little girl bright.

Sang her songs, little girl

On the radio

Knows when to come in little girl and go, come in and go


Wonders about life, little girl

Worries and cries

Grows up fast, this little girl, wise — fast and wise



And if you are listening

And if you are good

I’ll give you this melody

To sing like nobody could

Rain dissolves tears, little girl

Washes hearts clean

Cool water clear, little girl, clear as a dream


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