After Midnight

One a.m. Listening to SoundCloud on my mobile phone in bed.

Chris Castle. Arlene Wow. Songs by me that sound foreign, songs I’ve uploaded here but forgotten about.

Twenty hits. Sometimes only two. Lovely comments by songwriters like Carl Suiter.

This blog has taken a backseat with my relocation to Rhode Island, my long-distance relationship, as I try and find my way to Providence area open mics and concerts.

Renting an apartment limits when I can make noise.

Songwriting comes in the in-between of life, when nobody’s looking.

Sharing comes virtually nowadays, when nobody’s looking, and with surveillance, as everyone is looking.

Funny how lost we still can get despite the 24/7 web access and prying eyes.

Recording music seems to give creation purpose, and apart from a few GarageBand mp3s, I do not have the means to do that right now.

I listen for the call. I dream of the stage, the show and amplification of my life that music makes.

More gigs would help, continuity in love and making good on threats to meet up with like-minded musicians through MusicTown and Reverbnation and the Rhode Island Songwriter’s Association and the Mediator … all possibilities, all venues where I am partially engaged.

So what do you do when you’ve only got one foot in the pool?

Jump in.


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