New London Redux: A Photo Collage

Music is best when it’s shared.

Sailfest is the place where we hold our Shoreline Acoustic Music Festival each July.


Made it back to the city on July 12-13 and enjoyed two of my favorite acts at SAMS:

Golden Ratio played,


followed by Maggie’s Guitar.

Maggies Guitar

Later on, I discovered Josie Davis at one of the piers and ran into singer/songwriter Sue Menhart.


At night, I was treated to a jam session in Pwop Studios with Carl Franklin, John Fries, Mike Rogoff and other talented drummers, keyboardists and guitarists.


I got to try out a tune of my own or two with a little help from Carl on bass and Jay on keyboards after the jam session. Also saw good friends, made new ones and got a stellar view of the fireworks over the Thames, barges in full view shooting sparks of color at a gorgeous July moon. Will Getschell took this shot.

Pat & Carl

Another round on Sunday of wonderful musicians followed, with a 20-minute set in which bassist Joe Cavanagh and violinist Dana Takaki joined me. Photo by Anne Maxwell.

Shoreline Acoustic Festival 2014

Filled with gratitude to be able to circulate and play with musicians of such caliber and heart.

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