Those No-good Oldies

I’ve been updating my set lists in anticipation of three upcoming gigs (more about that in a bit) by digging out a few old tunes I thought might be worth resurrecting.

You know the type: songs that hold some sort of sentimental value, be it for content (a song about camping with a lover), that old love affair with metaphor (“Strangers will knock you off key/Sing anyway”) or the happy knowledge that the melody (to a tune called “Dance”) is in fact catchy, and as “danceable” as folk music gets. … Or maybe that’s just my memory of little girls dancing to it at one Shoreline Acoustic Music Festival performance a year or two back.

No matter. Truth is, the songs you write but never play usually remain unplayed because they aren’t very good.

The camping song is nice but repetitive, lacking a bridge, and so wordy I don’t think I could memorize it (and yet, I wrote it).

“Dance” is just the opposite. It evokes happy memories of dance parties with close friends and would-be lovers. It’s easy to play and memorize. It’s just too darn short!

So I added a verse. And may add more. Because this song, unlike the others, deserves an audience.

Speaking of which, I hope you’ll be part of one of the following small crowds I’ll be serenading:

  • Oct. 23 The Mediator Stage, Providence: I will be featured after an open mic
  • Nov. 1 Brooklyn Teahouse, Providence: I will be one of three performers
  • Dec. 11 R.I. Songwriters Association Songwriters in the Round (location to be announced): I will be one of four singer/songwriters.
  • Details will be announced as the dates approach. I will post an mp3 of “Dance” before then, once it’s ready.

    Come listen! And dance!

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