A catchy hook, a mesmerizing melody, a lyric that lingers.

Chord progressions, finger picking, backed by bass, more guitar, violin.

These are a few of my favorite things about songwriting and performing.

Words demand an audience, who in turn relish excellence, experimentation and edification.

But I think you also like thought-provoking meditations on the art of songwriting, new songs and lyrics as they evolve, links to cool musicians, songwriters and blogs, and interviews with people who write music for the love of it — and even when it comes, the glory.

Reaching all of you, in words, song, and video, affirms that we matter to one another, and that songwriting matters in a world where music often gets lost.

I’ve been writing poetry since I could look up Keats in the library, learned to play the guitar at 10 but somehow ignored my beloved father’s urgings to write songs for a couple decades. But I’m knee-deep in it now!

Two published CDs, “Letting Go” and “Love Is Hard,” are available on CDBaby or Amazon.com. New and older songs are also available on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Say what you will here, join the conversation, the flow, the song.

One thought on “About

  1. Since starting to play guitar a little while back (A year or so) songwriting has risen to a new height of importance and love in my life. The journey travelled where my words find chords…or music I play that creates words… helps portray and share what I am trying to say, is a magical experience. I am like a little kid…wide-eyed and in awe of the adventure of songwriting and how it has become so important in my enjoyment and expression of life and love on this beautiful ride of living. Now it is an integral part of all I am and is an honor to be part of that journey…
    I look ahead with excitement to talking to other songwriters and playing the songs WE bring to life.

    This blog can be a great place to share and grow with each other as we seperately travel this beautiful road of songwriting together.

    Share your thoughts, expertise and love and we all grow as a community together.

    Peace and health…and love to all

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