Down to the Wire

Still in the thick of this Kickstarter campaign, with only hours to reach another 19 percent to get to my all or nothing funding goal, I took time out to get out.

Pat @ Vermont Apple Festival, Springfield VT, October, 2022

The Vermont Apple Festival was a blast, particularly in watching the young girls and boys dance or stare as they took in live music, so close and personal, mixed in as it was with craft vendors and raffle promos.

Now, I am absorbed in making Time to Stray: A New England Collaboration the next creative endeavor.

But there’s literally less than three days left to reach my goal of $4,665 in funding, so I am feeling reflective as well as under the gun.

However I land, this has been a journey of incredible growth, validation and gratitude. Undertaking a Kickstarter project is work, as it should be, but it’s exciting too, and so being out of my comfort zone has not only been at times uneasy and scary, but fun and exhilarating.

Here is my team from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, the first people to believe in what my songs and I have to offer: resilience, joy, introspection, honesty, and a determination to face life in all its facets.

Kala Farnham, harp

Luke Selden, banjo

Melissa D. Moorhouse, vocals

Josh Hall, producer

Suzanne Waldren, vocals

Jay Osborn, percussion

Dana Takaki, violin

Besides these incredibly talented artists, several of them songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, there have been behind-the-scenes supporters, guides, muses — without whom I would not have gotten this far. They know who they are and would rather, I think, remain in the background, but I want to thank them. They are the ghosts in the machine of my brain, making it all make sense.

So, if you’ve read this far, and are so inclined, I would love for you to click the link above or below and consider backing this folk album. Choose a “reward” or perk, come to the show in the spring. I would love to meet you and share what for me is an avocation and something that I just have to do.

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